Why Wipeless™

We want to stop the world needing to hoard toilet paper and chop down trees like there's no tomorrow.

Because if we don’t, one day there will be no tomorrow

So we created Wipeless™ bidet products instead.

Our simple to fit bidet bars fit to your toilet and use the same water pipe supplying the toilet itself so you get to start saving your money, the trees and a huge amount of water straight away.

If you had 💩  on your shoe would you wipe or it wash it?

A simple question with only one answer. Yet most still want to rely on toilet paper alone to get the job done when on the throne.

Here’s why you should make the switch:


Going Wipeless™ means using 65-80% less toilet paper. This means lesser trees being cut down.


Using a Wipeless™ bidet bar will save 6000 gallons a year of water in an average home in the process.


No more dry areas and no more itch! Your tender areas deserve a spa-like treatment every time you go.


Save water, save toilet paper and save your bum all while saving Mother Earth.

Be a Sprayer not a Spreader!

Going Wipeless™ is quick and easy: You can unbox and fit your own Wipeless™ kit in under 20 minutes! It comes with an easy to follow instruction manual for a fuss-free diy installation. And most of all, our simple to fit bidet bars universally fits most toilets.

Stop being such a dry ass. Go Wipeless™ and become the King or Queen of your Throne!

Need more shit talk? Check out our FAQs section.