How to Go Wipeless™

How Does Wipeless Work?

Wipeless bidets are actually pretty cool devices, and will really change your life.

They use a concentrated stream of water shot directly at your bum, aimed right on the money they clean off any mess after you poop in as long as it will take to smile from the sensation of having your butt really cared for.

Wipeless bidet bars fit directly to your existing toilet without any electricity, plumbing or other effort required. The water is supplied by attaching a hose to your existing water supply which makes it very simple to set up.

Once installed, you control the flow of water by turning a dial up or down to increase the water flow and experience better bum care as your butt gets the royal spa treatment.

Each Wipeless™ bidet bar is fitted with a self-cleaning nozzle so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up each time you use it.

Unbox and Fit your Wipeless Kit in 20 minutes or less!

Time to claim your throne...