Just the FAQs

What's the problem with using only TP anyway?

We all want to be hygienic down there. For far too long, the common routine after you poo is to wipe, spread, and wipe some more with toilet paper.

This frequent and repetitive motion can cause skin break down and thinning, which can lead to irritations, tearing and sometimes even worse situations.

Using a Wipeless™ bidet will mostly stop this issues in their tracks. It's simple, it's fast, appropriately hygienic, very environmentally sound, and really allows everyone to get that sense of complete and utter cleanliness.

Where does the water come from? 

All Wipeless™ bidet bars get their water straight from your tap water feed and the same pipe that supplies your toilet water tank to flush. You could drink it or brush your teeth in the spray from it, but there are easier ways to do these things thankfully. But hey, if that works for you go ahead. 

So, Wipeless™ means no paper?

Using a Wipeless™ will sharply reduce the amount of TP needed by 65-80%. But if you don't have the time to wait for the air-dry stage (not included) then just a few sheets of bamboo toilet tissue will do the trick. Just Pat-Pat and you are all set.

Is the water used cold?

As the Wipeless™ unit is using the same water pipe that feeds your sink and toilet tank  the temperature will be cool, this spray of water right on your bum is actually really refreshing on your warm, post pooping butt. 

It will bring out the odd ahhhh, and sigh as you smile we are sure.

Is the front nozzle going to help me??

Wipeless™ is a spa for down there, both back and font.

It’s great for keeping fresh during your period, or for washing up pre and post sex. If you’re thinking, “Hmm, so this bidet is spraying water up onto my butt, so wouldn’t that water get in my vagina?”

Wipeless™ units have specially designed nozzles front and back ensuring to spray water exactly where it is needed. And they are highly effective at remove fecal matter and even helping prevent UTIs.

Any trivial amount of bacteria the urethra is exposed to as a result of using a bidet is far outweighed by the improved hygiene you have by using the bidet in the first place.

How is it cleaner? 

A question. If stood in dog poop, would you wipe it off with dry paper? No! You'd wash it off.

So, why would you treat your butt any different?

No more spreading it around like yesterday's peanut butter…

By Going Wipeless™ you get a cleaner result. All that sticky brown stuff is gone. All from the stream of butt cooling water sprayed just where it is needed.